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Anco Concrete Raising, LLC offers a variety of overlays depending on the substrate and location (interior/exterior) of the overlay.

We can provide you with choices to accomodate just about any overlay need and preference.

Concrete Overlays  
Our interior concrete overlays can be used to hide minor imperfections in the base substrate, give a smooth concrete surface the appearance of having tile or a designer floor installed over it, provide texture to prevent slip and fall accidents and can increase your property value substantially.

An exterior concrete overlay can provide a water proofing surface to accomodate your style and color preferences that essentially prevents damages to the existing material due to environmental factors (such as frost damage) and by that preventing costly repairs of your sidewalk, patio, driveway, pool apron, etc.

ConcreteOverlay1 ConcreteOverlay2
Epoxy Overlays  
EpoxyFloor EpoxyFloor2


Epoxy overlays are not just brown or gray! Anco Concrete Raising, LLC offers pearl, metallic and flat colored epoxy overlays to create stunning marble effects or single colored overlays to compliment your interior.

Our exterior epoxy overlays are highway grade and provide excellent traction using colored or natural aggregate.

Interior and exterior epoxy overlays will waterproof wood, concrete and various synthetic surfaces, are extremely durable, stain and chemical resistant, bridge small cracks and are easy to clean ... and add decades of life to your old substrate!

Urethane Overlays  

Our urethane overlays are interior or exterior grade with an endless choice of natural and synthetic aggregate. Whether you prefer green on purple, black on white, or clear as glass ... our urethane overlays are only limited by your imagination.

UrethaneOverlay UrethaneOverlay2

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